Graduation Shows 2017

It’s my first time to see Graduation shows ever, I really enjoy the environment in it. They have so many creative project and so many section in the show. I saw different country’s flag in the corridor, I also saw the project called ‘Chinese Flag’, they are made by one artist is called ‘Nancy Zhang’, she use golden color silk in Chinese Flag in the wall and the process that she combine different National flag in display screen, also she put some mail receipt next to the display screen. But the most exhibition catch my eyes is a project called ‘OCTA- A Projection mapping project’, It’s made by artist ‘Kane Garland’.img_5067.jpgfullsizerender.jpg

It’s a really interesting project that it have a geometric shape with white color and it have a reaction point in front of the white shape. It also have a 360 kinect to catch your action. img_5068.jpgWimg_5066.jpghen you rise your arm, the kinect will know it and play black and white video, because of the screen is geometric, irregularity surface makes the result is really beautiful. It’s really creative project with really good looking business card, it remind my to piano, black and white with really nice music, makes the project so cool.img_5069.jpg


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