Final Major Project Proposal Final

Progress and Achievement


I have spent more than 5 months in UCA, IFAD course. The day that I spend in here make me grow up, not only for my mentality but also make me decided what I want to learn in my further study. In my FMP, I want to make a travel video, that is I combine the video that I took in last 5 months. For me, record every beautiful things in real life is what I interesting in, I really enjoy it, the reason why I want to do it is one year before, I saw a movie, the projector is a Hip Hop artist, he record every thing in his life and make every video combine random, not obey the timeline to make a new story, he inspire me and I try to made my first video in last year, then I really like to record story that what I see is beautiful.




Record the really life always good, I will make you recall after few years later

By using the video that I took in last 5 months to make a new travel video

Use film editing way to represent the lifetime that I have in last five months

No any Narration, Only background music




Research through website, book to understand how Premiere Pro work

Research through website, book to know how traveler do

Watch more travel video, such as Beautiful Destinations, Kenny Choi and JR Alli, I will show the website in Bibliography

By using Premiere Pro to cut the video that I took in last 5 month

And I will show what I’m doing each week on blog and record the process in sketchbook


Pathway Choice


It have several reason that why I chose Film Production for my BA course, one is when I was young I saw so many film, it inspire me, I was have strong interest in this field, when I grow up I want to see how film be made, the anther reason is when I went to UCA, there were 4 persons learning film production, so that I have change to see how this course running and I also help them in there film, it make me learn a lot. So now, before I entry Film Production, I try to record same thing by myself and enjoy it.





In final outcome, It is the project that contain my story, my experience and my mind in my lifetime after I study in UCA. It will be a video project in the final, It will show on a display screen and I will also put some screenshot around the display screen. The reason why I want to make this video is I’m the person who like travel and willing to record every beautiful scenery by using camera, so I will make video in each year to memory this year, and play it after lots of years or when I getting older, use this method to represent what you thinking and your experience in this year. So at the first month that I came to UK, I started to record the video. For following 4 months, I went to London, Oxford, Gent, Amsterdam for the school trip, and I also went to Manchester, Portsmouth, Southampton, Greenwich, Stockholm and Prague by myself, I took more than 2000 video in those city and I had never using those video before, so it become a huge resource for me. When I heard in FMP we can decide what we want to do by our self. I think that It’s a good time to make my plan come true. I will find a book call ‘eat pray love’ and the movie about this story. Also I will watch more video from ‘Beautiful Destination’, It’s a website that make travel video, It can help me a lot in this project.


Time Plan:


Week one: Go to Prague and record the video about scenery and humanity in Prague

Week two: Starting integration 2000 video that I took in last 5 months

Week three: integration each country and write a expect starting to combine video

Week four – eight: Combine Video by using Premiere Pro

Week nine: Exhibition




beautiful destinations (2017). [online] Travel Video. Available at: [Accessed 5 Jun. 2017]. (2017). Eat, Pray, Love. [online] Available at:,_Pray,_Love [Accessed 5 Jun. 2017].


Murphy, R., Murphy, R., Salt, J., Roberts, J., Bardem, J. and Jenkins, R. (2017). Eat Pray Love (2010). [online] IMDb. Available at: [Accessed 5 Jun. 2017].


YouTube. (2017). City of London – Travel Film. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Jun. 2017].


YouTube. (2017). LONDON – CITY IN MOTION. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Jun. 2017].




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