FMP video complete

Through those week, after find background music, editing and filter, I’m already finish my video, It spend my 6 weeks to complete it.


This is my first travel video, from watching video in Youtube to make video by myself, It’s a interesting progress, I really enjoy it. I still can remember the first part that I complete in this video, It’s in the last 13 seconds of my video, it’s a 13 seconds character to show the city’s name appear in my video. Although it only 13 seconds, but I spent more than 4 hours to made it, I believe it’s a good way to study, because I’m not only want to write it after video in subtitle.


By doing this project, I received lots of help from teacher, they have their own opinion, it make me have greater develop. From 20% to 50%, 70% to 100%. As time go, my FMP was finish more and more, when I saw the complete project, I think this is what I want to make that first time I want to made, some project that make my moving after few year or even few decade later.


一个有关“FMP video complete”的想法


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