Summary In FMP

For now on, we already start our FMP for more than 8 weeks, most of us project is complete and now we prepare for our Final exhibition.


It’s an interesting project, It’s not like common project, it don’t have a main topic, we need to find something for our self, customize topic and make it relative to our pathway, so at the first time I hear FMP, I was decided to make a travel video to represent the first half part in 2017, because since the first day I came to Euro, I was started record beautiful thing in my life. FMP is a good chance to make me dream come true.


Then, we were started a nine weeks project, from collecting material to final exhibition, you need to do all of things step by step. Because I have clear mind that what I should do, so I didn’t spent time on what can I do in FMP. When my classmate think what should they do on their FMP, I was started found a background music, it’s not a easy way to found background music, I spent 2 week to found it. Then is editing, put clips in suitable place of video, make sure finish editing, filter and stabilizer are also important. After all the thing is done, the whole video is complete.


FMP is a long process, but also a good chance to find your self and show your self.



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